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Hey there my friend wouldn’t you like to save more time and effort writing stuff wouldn’t you love if someone invented a tool that writes copy that’s not only readable but highly effective all by itself then you’re gonna love smart writer the world’s best AI powered writing app that generates unlimited sales scripts in just a few clicks that’s right my friends with smart writer you’ll be able to write high converting sales scripts blog content email campaigns and ad copy in minutes and you can do it all from a single convenient dashboard let’s suppose you’re in a hurry to create an amazing sales script to dazzle one of your clients smart writer is the only tool that’ll get your job done right away let me show you why right now you simply have to open the writer to get started you enter the name of your script here

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Select the script category from the menu below here you will find every possible category you will ever need to cover including sales letters social media ads and captions emails cold calling web banners and short video scripts now you’re going to pick a script template and one cool thing you’ll notice is that smart writer is the first app of its kind that lets you select a different angle for your scripts with one click saving you the headache of going through multiple revisions until you get it right this means you can use smart writer to create scripts to promote and sell any product or service on any channel in the following page you are going to enter a few other pieces of information to personalize your script including the name of your product your name and others such as the problem you solve and your biggest unique selling proposition if you don’t enter something here the app’s powerful

AI will do the job so you get something else not to worry about now you just have to click on create script and smart writer will generate a new original script from scratch in just seconds not only that but it will generate a variation of the same script letting you pick and use the one that best fits your campaign what’s more smart writers AI will add prompts to your scripts so you know where to add elements such as screenshots images testimonials countdowns and more but what if you’d like or need to rewrite parts like your product your name or your unique selling points but don’t want to scroll through the entire script to find where you have to make these changes smart raider makes it easy and you simply have to click on rebuild script to re-enter your information and then to click here to get it done amazing

Once you’re happy with your script you can download it as a PDF that you can send over to anyone and as a text file if you can edit on your computer click on save changes and your script will be saved to your account like i mentioned you can create smart scripts for any niche in any angle you can imagine and you don’t even need to be an expert so let’s create another one real quick this time i would like to create an email campaign so let’s select that as the script category email campaigns can be hard to nail down so being able to select an email template that gets the angle right is a life saver let’s select cart abandonment let’s now enter the information required to customize this script as you can see here I’m only asked to enter a first name a coupon code and a brand name and just like that i created a cart abandonment email that can help any eCommerce business to increase revenue

But you know what’s even cooler you not only get to create high converting scripts of any kind for your own selling but also with the agency rights which comes with smart writer you get the chance to sell any one of these scripts to your clients too and make them extremely happy on their selling and if you ever want more out of smart writer including 18 additional categories 150 plus script templates a custom copy-writing agency bundle and smart AI based text-to-speech features you can always upgrade and take your copy-writing business to the next level so forget about hiring expensive freelance writers and wasting your precious time away writing stuff yourself smart writer is all you need to create high converting scripts to sell any product in any niche in just minutes

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