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I’m going to show you exactly what this amazing little app does but it’s just stupid simple probably the easiest contest app you’ve ever seen and very very effective.

You continue to wish to have these BIG CONTESTS as a result of it catches the gamer’s consideration immediately, however, we have to guarantee that EVERYBODY WINS! INCLUDING YOU! Win – For – The – Participant! They’re unlocking immediate rewards for going on the market and telling the world about your contest. They’re going to have a BLAST doing it as a result of they get to make use of social media websites to financial institution the factors…

Competeup Coupon Code

so I’m over here on the dashboard I want you to pay attention to the contest right here okay and if we come over here you see 112 000 points 24 000 players 13 000 referrals okay so let’s take a look at what this looks like on uh the front end real quick so I’m gonna go ahead and click visit and there you go this is what the front end looks like so we have this beautiful custom background

we have a timer up at the top here uh we have this headline screaming at you to unlock the rewards for the timer hit zero, uh and there are twelve thousand dollars in prizes and rewards right the grand prize that wins the mastermind, okay so there’s this uh video here that uh perry and I did for this promotion and then they can come down here

Then go ahead and enter their email to enter this contest but first I want to show you something really cool because you see if they come over here and click on prizes well check this out here are the prizes that are available right so they can find out right away uh you know what prizes are available but in addition to that okay we also have this section down here called rewards and so these are rewards that they’re able to unlock instantly so when they unlock this uh badge they’re gonna receive that reward

and so on the right, so they can very easily see all the rewards that are waiting here okay everybody wins and then there’s this big overall contest and if I come down the bottom if I click on the leaderboard you can see that there’s even a leaderboard right so all of this is included right here in the front end a pretty amazing piece of software nothing real complicated so what they’re going to do is they’re going to come over here and go ahead and register so there we go now I’m on the inside, okay so everything is the same at the top here’s our headline

I can go ahead and put a different video here if I want to and now right away this is the contest URL this is my special link I can go out there and share that with other people now since this is a brand new account I haven’t unlocked my badges yet they will go right here okay so here’s how this works they go out there and they share this URL and they start to earn points, okay but if I come down here you can see that just today there are three goals that I need to complete so uh the first one is I can go ahead and receive five entries uh once I go ahead and share every time

I share my link, okay if I come over here this is to sign up for a class that we have going on right so I can come over here and go ahead and sign up for the webinar I can go ahead and click sign up now I can come over here and I can join the Facebook fan page or the Facebook group right I can come over here and this is just uh some other page that we have going on right so you’re able to set all of these things up right here inside the software pretty incredible right they can see the rewards the leaderboard and the prizes look how easy this is it’s all-inclusive like just amazing technology and this is what we had to build for our business

now the cool thing is how easy is it to set up well once i’ve created a campaign i’m gonna go ahead and walk you through this one okay so if i go ahead and click on these dots here you can see i can go ahead and edit the campaign i can preview the campaign i can put in autoresponders webinars uh this is a facebook share setting this i can go ahead and clone my campaign retargeting codes i can generate a script if i want to do embeds this one’s really cool this is something i use because i do a lot of webinars but at the click of a mouse i got this page where somebody can go ahead and put in their name and email that they’re registered for and then what they could do is they can go ahead and put in their friend’s name and their friend’s email okay so for every person they refer they’re given an entry in the contest right so it’s pretty incredible pretty easy okay okay so if i come over here here’s my entries and then here is the leaderboard update and then i can go ahead and share this link pretty self-explanatory i don’t want to waste your time but we’re going to do is go ahead and click into the edit right so inside the campaign very easy

there’s four simple steps like your subscribers gonna get this okay so here’s a preview of what we’re building over here here is the contest name now we can choose what type of contest we want do we just want to have a prize contest or do we want to have instant rewards or do we want to have it where there is a big overall prize like you saw at the beginning of this video and they’re unlocking rewards and that’s what we recommend that you do right so you choose a contest type then you come over here to duration so you say okay the contest starts the contest ends you choose your time zone good now we come over here to design check out how easy this is right they go ahead and type in their headline right they type in their uh description their contest description that’s what you’re seeing down here okay and then this is where they can go ahead and decide okay i want to have a video on the logged in page and then we can even do something different on the sign up page right i can go ahead and put a video on the sign up page okay here’s the background image background size background

color okay i think you get that all right and then we come over here to our policies if you want to have terms and conditions rules and regulations all that stuff there it is pretty simple that takes care of step number one step number two the contest setup look how easy this is like i love the fact that we have libraries all of our software we always build libraries right so what this is is this is where you’re gonna go and pull in your grand prizes okay and you can do it by entries or you can do it by the most points all right so right now it’s by entries okay so all we’re going to do is come over here and go ahead and choose a reward these are all the rewards that i have inside i’ll show you where that is here in a minute right so i just pull them in reward number one number two number three so that means that you can go ahead and set up these contests on the fly you got your rewards library up here and just going boom boom boom you’re just pulling it in right if i come over here to my settings this is the ribbon text that’s on the very top of the page that shows the rewards okay so that takes care of step number two now step number three it’s going to work the same exact way but these are the instant rewards so you’re gonna decide okay this is how many points i need to have this is the badge that i’m gonna go ahead and load okay so this is how many points are required this is the name of the badge this is the order of the badge and then when they receive the badge they’re going to receive the reward

so again the rewards come right out of your library okay so I have four separate badges I have the points that are required and I’m just gonna go ahead and click save and now we’re over here on step number four and step number four is where you’re gonna go and set up your actual entries right so if I want to go ahead and ask a question to receive points I can just go ahead and open this up here and I can go ahead and choose my type or if I want to do like a visit on Facebook I can come over here and there we go we have now added this I can put in my title my description my button text my fan page URL it’s pretty freaking easy uh the way this works right so this right here is what is on the bottom of this section down here so you can go ahead

and just line up these tabs here right all kinds of cool stuff it works so very well you get the customer gets the leads in the leads hit the autoresponder it’s perfect right now if I come over here not only do we have the reward sections let me show you how this works here are all the rewards and let me go ahead and edit a reward here for you and I’ll kind of show you here’s the name of the reward the description the instructions the value of the reward right and then what you can do is you can go ahead and use a default image, okay so we have default images for the rewards or you can come over here and you can go ahead and load a custom image right okay so it’s completely up to you what you want to do now if I were to come over here and just go ahead and show you and say add new reward

there are three separate rewards types right so you can go ahead and do a set of instructions, uh you can have it to where they just have an external URL that they go to, or yes we are even integrated with our membership platform right so it’s like boom click click click its the automatic connection they automatically get delivery incredible tool right I can come over here I can look at my statistics right so if I pull this up you can see okay this is what happened this how many subscribe users how many unique visitors right very simple tool I can come over here and get my subscribers okay and then we even have an agency version for this software right so there you go it is an absolutely incredible piece of software I just want to shoot that video for you very quickly just so you get an idea it really is four simple steps but look how beautiful this looks right this is incredible and like I said

The response we got just tremendous results with this um you know and it’s just it’s simply stupid to set up because you have all your awards set up and everything else so um hopefully you’re excited to jump aboard compete up it’s an awesome piece of software your subscribers gonna love it please let us know what we can do to help you rock out this launch because we are here to help you again this is chad nicely thank you so much on behalf of my incredible partners and we look forward to rocking this out with you

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