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ADA Bundle might be nice for you. You can use ADA Bundle to assist companies and do it from anyplace on the planet. Simply a few purchasers a month is greater than sufficient to assist a touring way of life. All the pieces you might want to authorized proof your web sites, rank increased in the various search engines, create a six determine revenue, and even faucet right into a 650 billion greenback market is all being supplied within ADA Bundle.

ADA Bundle Is 100% Cloud Based mostly So There’s Nothing To Set up. Zero to Earnings Company Accelerator – is a step-by-step coaching program that’ll stroll you thru all the things you might want to begin and scale a broadly profitable ADA Optimization Company and begin closing purchasers from day one. Simply one more reason to let ADA Bundle get your websites compliant and all able to go! When you supply providers that really assist and make disabled folks’s lives simpler, and so they’re keen to spend cash with you, then it’ll be a win/win all the way in which round.

ADA Bundle

ADA compliance is a MUST. These native companies can’t be with out it or they’ll get sued massive time. Use ADA Bundle’s lead gen & enterprise finder app to search out companies whose web site’s aren’t but compliant. Land the consumer & receives a commission handsomely to assist them optimize their web site to turn out to be compliant.

This places the leverage again in your palms. ADA Bundle, you may make your and your purchasers web site ADA & WCAG compliant in simply minutes. And with the enterprise finder and lead gen device, you could find focused prospects. “However how do you really shut these prospects & flip them into paying purchasers?” I’ve designed the software program so there’s actually no studying curve concerned. It actually is so simple as copying and pasting the one line of code that the software program provides you and let ADA Bundle do it’s magic.

First To Market Net Accessibility Options | Sturdy Lead Technology Engine | ADA Web site Auditing | Generate Accessibility Report To Shut Shoppers Effortlessly | And Extra! DA Bundle compliance widget in your websites, you’ll sap them of their authorized powers and render their underhanded schemes completely ineffective.


Hey it’s me  in this video I’m going to give you a full demo of our brand new ADA bundle software now this software helps you optimize your website and your clients websites to be as compliant as possible if your website is not ADA compliant right now you are leaving yourself open for major lawsuits this is why ADA bundle is a must-have for every website owner today and the beautiful thing is that ADA bundle works in just three simple steps and as such anyone can use it to achieve maximum results step 1 add your website url to generate your accessibility profile and compliance pixel step 2 customize your accessibility options and step three copy the pixel code add it to your website and you are good to go let me show you in action as you can see this site right here is currently not compliant okay using ADA bundle let’s fix this website in just a couple of minutes from my dashboard

I’ll click on widgets then click here to add the website URL I’ll just enter the URL right here tick this checkbox and then click on add website OK nice my compliance widget and profile has been successfully created all right let’s go ahead now to customize our accessibility options to do that click on settings right here under the customize tab you can fully customize your accessibility profile but note that everything comes properly set up and ready to go by default over here under the general option you can set up a beautiful accessibility policy statement on your site this is important and required as one of the compliance requirements as it informs your site visitors of your level of compliance from here we can customize the widget button here you have the accessibility mode option here you can set up epilepsy safe mode for your website this option enables people with epilepsy to use the website safely by eliminating the risk of seizures

Result from flashing or blinking animations and risky color combinations you also have the cognitive disability mode this mode provides different assistive options to help users with cognitive impairments such as dyslexia autism cva and others to focus on the essential elements of the website more easily next is the adhd friendly mode the blindness mode and a host of other accessibility options as you can see right here next is the readable experience option which gives you accessibility options like text magnifier highlight links and a host of others here you can customize the visual pleasing experience option this gives you accessibility options like contrast monochrome saturation etc and finally you have the easy orientation experience accessibility option from here you can customize options like the text to speech virtual keyboard reading guide and a host of others as you can see Ada bundle gives you a lot of accessibility options that make your website as compliant as possible alright once you are done customizing your accessibility profile click on save widget and then on embed script to grab your unique compliance pixel so finally we’ll just have to paste this on the website and we’re good so I’ll just head over to my website admin area take note this is a word-press-based site but Ada bundle works for any kind of site and on any kind of website builder so I’ll go over to settings

Click on header and footer scripts paste the code right here and click on save remember this is all happening in real time as you can see it’s super quick and easy anyone can do it and it takes only a few minutes alright let’s have a second look at the website now awesome i now have a compliance widget that makes my website accessible and compliant all you need to do is click on the widget and the accessibility options pop up with these options anyone with a hearing disability or anyone using a listening aid or a hearing aid or a viewing aid can click right here and they can do different settings for ada compliance and that way the website is now way more accessible for anyone that has any potential disabilities let’s quickly go over a few of them virtual keyboard text-to-speech we help render your website and web content ada compliant reading guide big cursor highlight links dark contrast and a host of others as you can see now how quick and easy was that to set up from the settings area you can further customize your accessibility profile you can choose where you want the widget to come up on your site to do that head over to customize and click on widget button you can change its position increase or reduce widget size and give it a different color that will fit perfectly with the color of your website you can even add an entrance animation effect how cool is that and all the changes are updated in real time see are you not blown away by how easy it is to set things up and get your or your client’s website as compliant as possible i’m sure you are now to further sweeten this deal I’ve left some of the coolest things for last ADA bundle

Comes with the ability to search find and close local business owners whose websites are not compliant and charge them as much as four thousand to fifteen thousand to help them become compliant how awesome is that based on our research and obvious realities on ground we know that the demand for ADA compliance services is on the rise as businesses and website owners really need help to avoid lawsuits so we weaved the business finder and compliance audit feature into AdA bundle here’s how it works from the dashboard over here click on business finder enter a keyword say hotel and click search the robust business search database will pull up a list of hotels with detailed records like their website email phone number location and a lot of other useful information so all you need to do is click on generate a report or simply grab the website URL [Music] head back to the dashboard and click on reports click on generate report enter the website url and hit generate immediately the ada bundle website review tool will swing into action and do a quick and deep audit on the website for accessibility compliance once done you can click to view the report you can copy the shareable link or better still you can download it to your local device as you can see this website has a high number of accessibility violations which means it’s exposed and could be sued for major lawsuits the report is detailed and shows the violations and what they entail and it’s structured into three levels of compliance required the a double a and AAA so with this beautiful and factual report you can contact the website or business owner using the contact details

Obtained from the business search result and offer your accessibility services for a fee ADA consultants and web designers are charging a minimum of four thousand dollars for the most basic ada optimization service and the beautiful thing is that this can all be done from the comfort of your home you can carry out the audit download the report and send it by email alongside your proposal this is a great opportunity and a unique and brand new service that you can actually sell to local businesses easily because they need it plus there are not many competitors to contend with you’ll be closing clients left and right if you check our sales page you’ll see all the different lawsuits that businesses are being hit with and with this right here as you’ve seen ada bundle can help your businesses get optimized in just a few minutes do not sleep on this deal it has every potential of being the biggest opportunity you’ll get this year so jump in right now and amazingly it’s going for a low one-time fee it comes with premium and custom bonuses video training and articles all to guarantee you succeed with it and on top of that we’re backing up the offer with a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee it just can’t get any better than this period act now i can’t wait to see you inside the members area