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keyboard and mouse combinations from Logitech, the Logitech MK850

They are both Bluetooth-enabled wireless keyboard and mouse combinations from Logitech, the Logitech MK850 and the Logitech MK875 respectively. Compared to the Logitech MK850, which has 1000 DPI and eight keys, the Logitech MK875 features an exceptionally advanced 4000-DPI and sixteen buttons. Yes, this is a stock keyboard with a build quality that is considered to be “high end.” Whether there is a mechanism to recreate the sharp sensation of a scissors switch is beyond my knowledge, however you may change the keyboard response in various ways. For me, changing the feel of the function keys is a difficult undertaking. One mouse may handle up to three computers at the same time, with text, pictures, and files being effortlessly copied and pasted across the systems. Darkfield When you have high precision tracking, you may have faultless control almost anyplace – even on glass with up to 4,000 DPI resolution. The keyboard and mouse are compatible with a variety of devices and are multi-OS friendly, allowing them to be used with a variety of operating systems. Dual connection gives you the flexibility to pick the optimal method of connecting the devices you possess today – as well as those you will own in the future. A full-size keyboard with a cushioned palm rest allows you to work at your desk for hours in silence and comfort for hours on end. Additionally, keys that have been meticulously manufactured To keep up with projects, both the keyboard and mouse are completely compatible with several devices and operating systems. Start typing on your computer, then move to a different programme. Type on your tablet, phone, or a second computer if you don’t have access to a keyboard. Silky noticeable movement is achieved with the use of optical 1000 DPI resolution.